CAM System CAGILA - CNC programming software for laser cutting, waterjet cutting, plasma cutting

CAGILA is an innovative, easy to use CNC programming software with optimized functions developed especially for laser-, water jet- and plasma cutting.
CAGILA provides high quality data preparation using specialized modules for CNC based micro and macro processing.

Multi body 3D scanner processing for ablation
Automatic contour split for stent processing
Ablation Depth: Automatic ablation for short pulse lasers
3D tube processing
3D path optimization
3D 5 axis processing
3D slicing
3D ablation
3D scanner processing
data preparation
real CNC simulation
4 axis tube module
fullautomatic nesting

benefits using the CAM system CAGILA:

  • latest import interfaces for

    AutoCAD© 2016 DXF/DWG, IGES 5.3, Gerber RS274, Trumpf-GEO, CNC G-Code as well as EPS, PDF, BMP. Learn more →

  • fast CAD data preparation

    Automatic conversion of splines, ellipses and polylines as well as repair of faulty CAD data.
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  • innovative process technology

    New features for leads, process sequencing, ramping, etc. for diverse application areas. Learn more →

  • optimized CNC postprocessor

    Any kind of CNC format and dialect with offset compensation, subroutines and real CNC simulation.
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  • plenty of innovative modules

    High performance nesting, Laser scanner, 4 axis tube cutting, Analysis of real CNC axis movement.
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  • 24/7 support and hotline service

    Help for problems and questions by phone, email or online meeting.
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CAGILA is for...

  • medical engineering
  • electronic engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • automotive industry

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Watch CAGILA videos

Watch CAGILA video showing easy data preparation from faulty CAD file to CNC adapted G code for excellent laser processing.

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