CAM System CAGILA - CNC programming software for laser cutting, waterjet cutting, plasma cutting

CAGILA is an innovative, easy to use CNC programming software with optimized functions developed especially for laser-, water jet- and plasma cutting.
CAGILA provides high quality data preparation using specialized modules for CNC based micro and macro processing.


benefits using the CAM system CAGILA:

  • latest import interfaces for

    AutoCAD© 2016 DXF/DWG, IGES 5.3, Gerber RS274, Trumpf-GEO, CNC G-Code as well as EPS, PDF, BMP. Learn more →

  • fast CAD data preparation

    Automatic conversion of splines, ellipses and polylines as well as repair of faulty CAD data.
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  • innovative process technology

    New features for leads, process sequencing, ramping, etc. for diverse application areas. Learn more →

  • optimized CNC postprocessor

    Any kind of CNC format and dialect with offset compensation, subroutines and real CNC simulation.
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  • plenty of innovative modules

    High performance nesting, Laser scanner, 4 axis tube cutting, Analysis of real CNC axis movement.
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  • 24/7 support and hotline service

    Help for problems and questions by phone, email or online meeting.
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CAGILA is for...

  • medical engineering
  • electronic engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • automotive industry

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We have 35 years experience in developing CAM software for various applications.

Our goal is a pleased customer and the successful rationalization achieved by a powerful CNC process chain.

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